Welcome to Glitz and Glam Photo Booth Rentals in Phoenix AZ

What Sets Our Booths Apart

The Ulitimate Social Media Photo Booth

Our photo booths have an open concept which works great for a large group, small group, or take a selfie! The booth allows for instant social media uploads. Choose from dozens of filters to change the look and appearance of your photo and download directly to your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. 

Digital Props

Don't want to mess up your do? We've got you covered! This booth has facial recognition with snapchat like filters, instagram-like filters, GIFs, greenscreen, photos and more! Place hats, masks, mustaches and more on EVERYONE’S head and face in the picture. You can scroll through dozens of options.  

A Little About The Owners


Long time friends Stacy and Sarah grew up in Monterey California. Sarah moved to Arizona about 12 years ago with her family and Stacy soon followed 10 years ago with hers. 

Stacy has an extensive background in Marketing and Sales while Sarah has a long history in Customer Service which is why they make perfect business partners. Together they bring a fresh, new, and exciting concept to the photo booth entertainment world.